About Logplan

Founded in 1987, Logplan has:

  • planned and managed the implementation of the some of the world's most sophisticated automated baggage handling systems using self propelled vehicles;
  • supported airports to achieve 100% baggage screening using explosive detection systems (EDS);
  • planned and developed some of the most innovative people mover systems for airport applications.

Since its inception Logplan has grown to become an experienced international aviation consulting and engineering firm providing services around the world.

Logplan strives to set ourselves apart by:

  • having a commitment to providing our clients the right solution to meet their requirements;
  • building long term client relationships;
  • providing collaborative full company solutions not one man answers;
  • on time, on budget performance.

Because of its first hand knowledge and overview of airport systems, ability to provide a solid continuation throughout the duration of a project, knowledge in dealing with both government and civil agencies on an international level makes Logplan qualified to be a significant contributor on any project.

Our History

In 1987 Professor Helmut Baumgarten (PhD.-Ing.), Director for Material Flow Technology and Logistics at the Technical University of Berlin, founded Logplan for the purpose of helping the aviation industry deal with the increasing complexity of airport logistic systems. Logplan soon became a leader in the German airport consulting industry by providing an unprecedented understanding of new systems technologies to its customers.

In 1993, Matthias Frenz (PhD. Engineering) was promoted to the position of President and Chief Executive Officer. Under the leadership of Dr. Frenz Logplan quickly became an international player.

Since its founding, Logplan has gained significant experience in multiple aspects of airport operation and has become one of the world's most knowledgeable engineering consulting firms in its fields of expertise.

Logplan's project experience is provided through corresponding service links within this web site.