Automated People Mover Systems

Automated people mover systems (APM) have been used at airports and in urban areas for many years as an efficient means of passenger transportation. Communities depend on APM systems as a focal point of the regional transportation plan and a key element to the economical development of the community. For airports, the demands to move more passengers further, faster and more efficiently have required the development of airport APM systems which can operate with high availability and reliability in order to ensure efficient airport operation.

For over twenty years, Logplan has been involved in the design, planning, project management, testing and commissioning of innovative APM systems that meet the needs of our clients through the use of modern technologies and flexibility of our design principles. We have participated in the development of standard guideway systems, magnetic levitated systems, monorails, and cable propelled systems. We are supporting the industry to move forward through the review of new technology and the development of new operating concepts to gain a wider acceptance of APM systems as a standard form of passenger and goods transportation.

Logplan's experience in automated people mover systems encompasses the complete coordination and follows through for the entire APM system project. This means that we provide our services to support our clients from:

  •     Conceptual design;
  •     Detailed design;
  •     Tender documents;
  •     Supplier selection phase;
  •     Implementation;
  •     Testing and commissioning;
  •     O&M support and system optimization.

Logplan always ensures that the supplier systems will comply with applicable codes both locally and internationally.

In order to test and verify capacity of developed system designs or to improve system operation, Logplan also uses complete system simulations that include passenger flow and complex operating procedures.

We hope that through our efforts and the efforts of others in the industry, the further development of APM systems will help to reduce the dependence on less effective and environmentally destructive transportation solutions.