Our clients operate in dynamic environments that change quickly. For this reason, it is important that all planning and design be flexible enough to handle change.

The purpose of simulations in planning and design is to test the functionality of concepts by modeling real life situations. In the case of existing systems, simulations are used to verify operating concepts and evaluate optimization scenarios.

Logplan simulation tools are programmed to accurately model all technical systems and passenger flow throughout an airport. Tailored to customer needs, the simulation models use an open architecture and can be created for any subsystem then linked together to create a complete overview of operation. We are able to program over independent graphic surfaces and integrate real time databases allowing our simulations to provide precise visual information and accurate identification of possible problem areas.

Passenger Flow Type Simulations

Passenger flow simulations provide a prediction of the space required within passenger facilities. This includes evaluating service levels in specific terminal areas, expected progression of the queuing lengths/waiting times in front of primary target facilities, and a detailed analysis of delays to passengers caused by the proposed facility design and/or operating strategies. Characteristics for these simulations include:

  •     Complete passenger flow simulation over entire airport terminal or within bottleneck areas;
  •     Behavior characteristics modeled for groups or individual passengers;
  •     Process chain evaluation from check-in to boarding;
  •     Realistic independent movement throughout simulated areas.

This approach has been used to effectively evaluate and optimize layouts for flexible screening and security check-points.

System Type Simulations

System simulations that Logplan provides, gives planners the visual and material planning tool that supports the decision making process by answering complex questions on proposed system performance and/or operational options. This is especially the case when designing advanced baggage handling systems with in-line screening or evaluating operational concepts for passenger transfer systems.

As a part of our approach, whenever applicable, we offer simulation tools with all projects that we work on. Our simulation expertise also provides our customers with the ability to optimize systems and operations for existing systems.