Terminal Planning

Our functional approach to planning for passenger terminals has allowed our clients to maximize terminal efficiency, reduce connecting times and maximize passenger throughput.

As we have done for several of our clients, we provide concept and layout planning, requirements engineering, evaluation and optimization of existing or proposed terminal and airport facilities. The use of our advanced simulation tools, our understanding of passenger flow, airport operations and security requirements allows us to verify layout concepts, optimize processes and evaluate service levels.

Logplan also provides project management services which include the coordination of all operational issues during construction as well as the organization of start-up activities.

Our services for terminal planning include:

  • Concept and layout planning of airport terminal facilities;
  • Passenger flow, layout evaluation and optimization;
  • Terminal master planning studies;
  • Definition and coordination of requirements for new terminal facilities (i.e. requirement specifications including space and functional programs);
  • Design review;
  • Planning and project management for terminal conversions;
  • Start-up coordination;
  • Optimization and planning of operational processes;
  • Passenger flow simulations;
  • Capacity analyses;
  • Evaluation of airport buildings according to the LEED standard;
  • Technical due-diligence;
  • Project management;
  • Security area planning and optimization;
  • Special studies (i.e. baggage cart study).