Airport Processes

The operational performance of an airport is determined by the quality of its services and the efficiency of its processes. Logplan provides planning and optimization services that enable airports to expand operations and to reduce costs. Our overall understanding of airport processes provides key management support for airports, investors, airport planners, service providers and airlines.

Logplan's indicator based approach allows our clients to measure and improve the performance and the efficiency of their operations.

Covering the complete range of operations from landside to terminal and aircraft we also look for the processes behind the scenes. Our in-house advanced simulation capabilities allow for a flexible and customer tailored evaluation of people, vehicle and goods movement throughout the airport environment.

Having an eye on future technologies, Logplan provides technology evaluation services for management decisions.

Planning and Optimization

  •     Landside processes;
  •     Terminal operations;
  •     Passenger processes;
  •     Ground operations;
  •     Security processes;
  •     Airline operations;
  •     Aircraft processes.

Additional Services

  •     Airport performance measurement;
  •     Operational due-diligence;
  •     Technology evaluation;
  •     Improving ecological efficiency.