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For over 35 years, Logplan has been refining a strategic approach to our aviation engineering services and have gained a reputation for innovative solutions and a technical know-how for new methods and technologies. Our services maximize facility operations by resolving technological and logistical challenges. That is why our airport and aviation clients depend on our expertise to support them to achieve efficient and competitive airport operations.

Over the course of our experience, we have developed a core knowledge base that is second to none. Some of our accomplishments include:


  • First Individual Carrier System (ICS) design – Frankfurt Airport (1978)

  • First bag on an ICS through screening machine - Leipzig-Halle (2000)

  • First to introduce 24v control system voltage to US – Denver International Airport (2002)

  • First to introduce low-side conveyor to US – Denver International Airport (2002)

  • First Active ICS – Münster Osnabrück (2003)

  • First robot specification – Frankfurt Airport (2003)

  • First 5 level screening tray system including Early Bag Storage (EBS), transfer processing, and inbound system – Munich (2004)

  • First ICS approved by TSA (2014)

  • Member of TSA Planning Guidelines and Design Standards (PGDS) Team in the USA With all of our projects, we combine proven design principles with the appropriate technology.

Photo by Denver International Airport

About Us

 A leader in airport logistics providing solutions that exceeds the needs of our clients since 1987.  

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Our goal is to cultivate a work environment that is diverse, adaptable, and inclusive, fostering a productive and creative atmosphere for our team members. We firmly believe that the key to our success lies in promoting collaboration and cultivating a strong sense of belonging.

We continuously assess and prioritize Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI), holding ourselves and our team members responsible for fostering an environment that reflects these values.

Meet Our People

As knowledge-based consultants, our staff are our most important asset.


Our Mission Statement

As an independent engineering firm, for over 35 years Logplan has specialized in providing innovative, resourceful solutions in the aviation and transportation industries.


Our worldwide experience with proven and advanced technological systems is the basis for our customers success. We strongly feel that delivering successful projects with long-term solutions will render long lasting relationships.

Select Team Members

With over 200+ years of combined experience, we've got a well-seasoned team at the helm.

Carsten Boegner


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Brenda Bundy


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Kyle Thomas


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Lourdes Gleason


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Lee Buxton


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Daphne Salisbury


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Watermelon Salsa

46 Cal

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Engagement with the Community

Logplan actively advocates for the initiatives of local organizations committed to fostering a welcoming, supportive, and thriving community and environment.

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