Baggage Handling Systems

The freedom to determine what technology is best for your airport is the most important factor in developing a baggage handling system that will meet your airport's needs.

Over the past twenty years, Logplan has designed or implemented all types of modern baggage handling technologies and has been responsible for some of the most successful advanced tray systems currently in use at some of the world's largest airports. We design systems that meet demands, timelines, and budgets of today but are modular extendable to provide for future requirements such as enhanced security processes or changes in airport operation.

We are currently working with several airports and organizations to develop and implement advanced baggage handling concepts with integrated 100% baggage screening technology. The systems that we design have been proven to perform reliably under the toughest scheduling and traffic conditions, allowing baggage to consistently meet planes and passengers on time.

With all of our projects, we combine our design expertise with the right technology to meet or exceed the clients' requirements. The success of this approach is evident in our ability to overcome the difficulties often experienced when you manage different BHS technologies to achieve the best results for the client.

Currently, Logplan's largest project in North America is the new system at Denver International Airport where we have designed and have managed the construction, installation, commissioning and testing of a baggage handling system with an in-line 100% EDS screening system. The system at Denver International Airport is currently one of the most advanced, cost effective, flexible and efficient systems operational in the United States. Denver's system has been recognized by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) as a test facility for the development of new checked baggage screening technology.

In Europe, Logplan continues to support Frankfurt International Airport with its system and has completed several innovative projects such as the baggage handling system for Munich International Airport, Salzburg International Airport, Leipzig International Airport and Münster-Osnabrück Airport. Logplan has also currently begun working with Zagreb International Airport on the extension of the baggage handling sorting facilities at that airport.