Screening Solutions

One of Logplan's highest priorities to date is to support the airport industry and other transportation sectors in implementing 100% baggage screening and effective passenger screening check-points while maintaining high levels of service and efficiency. Logplan is also currently researching options for the development of cargo screening procedures that would help increase cargo and container security while maintaining high throughput and processing requirements.

100% Baggage Screening

Since 1995, Logplan has been directly involved in the planning and development of next-generation baggage handling systems using advanced 100% baggage screening technology. This experience has included the design and integration of in-line 100% baggage screening systems at some of the world's largest airports. With over twenty years of baggage system experience, Logplan is one of the only specialized baggage-consulting firms able to successfully integrate multiple 100% baggage screening levels into existing baggage handling systems without interrupting the baggage flow.

Our ability to design flexible systems able to use multiple screening technologies and our knowledge of the complete baggage handling system environment makes Logplan the premier consulting firm for 100% baggage screening development and integration.

Passenger Screening

For passenger screening integration, Logplan has worked with several airports to develop procedures and check-point layouts that enable increased security while providing an increase in passenger throughput. As is the case with all the systems that we design, Logplan pays special attention to flexibility. Since screening procedures have a direct impact on check-point throughput, the challenge becomes maintaining acceptable processing times while balancing the introduction of additional process steps required accommodating new security issues such as liquid explosives.

As we have done at Frankfurt International Airport, we believe that we can optimize the passenger check-point systems at passenger facilities while integrating national and international security procedures and to support our clients with the development of more flexible systems.