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BHS Level 5.5 (DEN) Enabling Project

Figure 1 – BHS Level 5.5 Enabling Project (Green)

Denver International Airport (DEN) recently completed Phase 1 of the Great Hall Program, which included updates to the Baggage Handling System (BHS) between ticketing and screening. As part of the Great Hall Program, the existing ticketing will be reconfigured from 6 ticketing modules (Mods) to 4 mods with 2 ticketing pods each. The reconfiguration will make way for the relocation of the existing Security Screening Check Points (SSCPs) to Mods 1 East (1E) and 1 West (1W). The existing BHS was configured such that all bags inducted in a particular Mod were screened and sent to make-up without crossover capabilities between Mods. The new ticketing layout created an issue with the existing BHS where the screening systems in Mods 1E and 1W would no longer receive bags. To remedy the situation, Logplan was selected to develop a new BHS between ticketing and screening to support the continued use of all existing Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening areas, as well as greater use of screening capacity.

For this project, Logplan developed a pre-screening sortation system located in the interstitial space between Levels 5 (claims Level) and 6 (ticketing Level). The area has become known as Level 5.5 and is entirely located in the Jeppesen Terminal. The system has been in operation for approximately 2 months and has been well received by the airport tenants without major incident.

The project was not without challenges. By placing the system in between ticketing and claims, DEN needed a way to access, maintain, and clear bag jams without major disruption to airport operations. Another major operational requirement was supporting the weight of the new equipment in that area. With these design problems in mind, the Logplan team proposed an innovative design for an equipment platform that fit above the level 5 ceiling.

Logplan’s long term structural engineering partner at DEN, J. R. Harris and Company, developed a cost effective, easy to build, and low weight solution compared to a conventional concrete platform which met or exceeded the requirements listed above. The next big hurdle for this project related to existing Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing (MEP) housed in the existing area needed to be relocated/reconfigured to make way for the new equipment. Gehring and Associates were able to reconfigure the MEP to allow for sufficient space for the new BHS as well as meet all the updated code requirements. Finally, the project required a review and analysis of the smoke control and fire protection scheme for this area of the terminal to ensure a safe operating environment.

The BHS Level 5.5 Enabling Project allowed our engineers, as well as the engineers at J.R. Harris and Gehring, to create a new innovative design to provide additional BHS Right-Of-Ways (ROWs) in a space normally reserved for MEP. Logplan would like to thank DEN for all their support during the design and construction phases of this project.

Design and CA by Logplan

General contractor Hensel Phelps

Equipment supplied by Siemens

Controls by Brock Solutions

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