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Earth Day Intelligent Power Savings (IPS)

It is no secret that most Baggage Handling Systems (BHS) are extremely energy hungry. Logplan has developed, and continually looks for ways to reduce the environmental impact of these systems.

Considering today is #EarthDay, we wanted to spotlight one of our standard design requirements is what we call Intelligent Power Savings (IPS). Basically, we specify that all new systems are designed such that conveyors are shut down as soon as demand drops to zero. The system does this by monitoring Photo-eyes (PE) upstream of the conveyor.

If a bag is seen, the system will automatically track that bag and start the conveyor moments before it arrives. Once the system stops registering bags, the conveyor is shut off in a matter of seconds. At airports like Denver International Airport - City & County of Denver Dept of Aviation, this has resulted in a significant reduction in electrical demand throughout the day. We would love to hear about how others are reducing environmental impacts through design!

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