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Denver International Airport


Denver, Colorado USA

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Services Provided

Planning, Design, ROM Costing, Technical Specification, Bid Documents, TSA Coordination, Project Management Support

Project Overview

DEN had (9) locations in the Airport where bags receive the final screening before being placed on the plane. This project combined these (9) locations into (2) larger spaces located on the East and West sides of the Jeppesen Terminal. Each space consists of two levels of screening: screening of standard bags on Level 4, and screening of OS bags on Level 3.

To link all “modules” of the Airport to the newly consolidated CBRA areas Logplan developed an Individual Carrier System (ICS) concept to facilitate this connectivity.
Some unique features of this system include no active components within the track, no moving parts in the switches and merges, and wirelessly transmitted power, which eliminates the use of the conductors normally found in active track systems. As a result, the amount of maintenance is reduced when compared to a motorized track.

Also, by creating a new centralized area for TSA, the working environment and ergonomic conditions have been greatly improved. In addition, by consolidating TSA operations they are in turn able to maximize the efficiency of their workforce during peak hours.

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Consolidated CBRA (C-CBRA)


| Denver International Airport

Consolidated CBRA (C-CBRA)

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