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Fort Wayne, Indiana USA

Services Provided

In-line Screening System Development
Analysis of Screening Capacity

Project Overview

Fort Wayne International Airport engaged the Transportation Security Administration regarding the Terminal Expansion project located at Fort Wayne International Airport received an Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) to provide architectural and engineering services necessary to design a new inline Checked Baggage Inspection System (CBIS) utilizing Explosive Detection Systems (EDS) at FWA. The CBIS design conformed to the TSA Planning Guidelines and Design Standards (PGDS) for Checked Baggage Inspection Systems Version 7.0 dated August 21, 2020.

The new inline CBIS consolidated the three (3) decentralized standalone screening areas currently operating to one (1) centralized system. Consolidation of the existing screening operations allowed for automated transport of checked baggage from multiple input points to the EDS screening machines; thus, reducing the need for manual intervention of baggage.

In addition, the TSA Checked Baggage Resolution Area (CBRA) was consolidated to one area where TSA agents can inspect standard and out-of-gauge (OOG) baggage. The consolidation will result in more efficient utilization of TSA staff and equipment.

The project was tested and verified during TSA ISAT and deemed ready for operation. The go live for the new CBIS was May 2023.

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Terminal Building Improvement TSA-CBIS


| Fort Wayne International Airport

Terminal Building Improvement TSA-CBIS

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