New animated video from Denver International Airport shows new Westin hotel, commuter train station

DENVER - Denver International Airport released a new animation Monday showing what the new transit center and hotel will look like when the projects are finished in 2015-2016.

The redevelopment project includes a Westin hotel and conference center and a Public Transit Center with a commuter rail station offering transportation to Denver’s Union Station. The Westin is scheduled to open in 2015, the East Rail Line is scheduled to begin service in 2016.

Visitors are seeing the changes already. Construction crews have completed the first four floors of the Public Transit Center and anticipate completion of the train hall canopy by the end of the year.

"The elevator cores for the hotel are now complete and installation of the glass canopy for the Public Transit Center is underway," said Kim Day, Manager of Aviation.

This fall, crews will begin reconstruction of the level four and six roadways and will install detours for traffic exiting Terminal East. Terminal West detours were removed over the weekend.

See the new animation:

ABC Denver 7 News

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