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Automated People Mover (APM) Service Announcement

300R vehicles now on the Alstom test track

At many airports today the APM operating system utilizes the CX-100 vehicles. These systems were delivered by Westinghouse, AEG, Adtranz, & Bombardier. Recently this business was acquired by Alstom. The vehicles at several cities are nearing the end of their useful life and parts are becoming obsolete.

Denver International Airport (DEN), recognizing the importance of their APM fleet worked with Logplan to develop specification for vehicles that could be utilized with existing system wayside and infrastructure. These new vehicles take advantage of many technological upgrades not available on current CX-100 vehicles. DEN will be the first airport to take advantage of the AC power regeneration feature when the cars arrive for system testing later this year. Logplan is proud to be part of the team and will be actively involved with the upcoming on-site testing and commissioning of this new fleet.

If you are operating a CX-100 fleet with aging vehicles, Logplan can assist you in evaluating your system and vehicle status and take advantage of the lessons learned at DEN.

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